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EPC Services

EPC Services

ADM Orient is a trusted EPC service provider. With decades of engineering expertise along with a robust solar module infrastructure we are a prime partner for your solar plant engineering, procurement , and construction needs. From the concept stage to the entire plants lifespan including execution, running, and maintenance we will support you at every stage .

ADM Orient EPC services


ADM Orient has decades of mechanical and electrical engineering expertise. We will provide an entire project report while our design team will provide a design meeting global industry norms and standards using state of the art simulation software, and our technical team will guide and support our patrons through the execution of the entire project.


With our experience in manufacturing solar modules and having our own in-house facility, ADM Orient has the expertise and knowledge to procure material from top suppliers whilst providing high quality modules as well. Our highly qualified solar experts perform strict quality control checks and each item is procured with thorough checks and quality control measures.


Whilst planning, procurement, and design is crucial, execution is perhaps the most important stage of the EPC process. At ADM Orient we have numerous technical , design , and maintenance teams that are focused on execution and post execution services for our patrons. Timely execution with quality is our mantra and we follow it strictly at our group.

Our goal is to create a more renewable society and city infrastructure in a timely and cost effective manner




Types of EPC projects we cater to


Be it an apartment building, independent home, estate, or farm house ADM Orient is equipped to provide EPC services to all of the above.

Schools and colleges

 The requirement for educational institutes to reduce energy costs and use renewable energy is crucial in the years to come.


A number of corporate buildings and offices are in dire need for trusted and economically conscious EPC Providers. As such, ADM Orient hopes to fill that void.

Commercial / Industrial

 Almost all factories, large or small are considering if they have not already done it, to use the benefits of solar energy to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and make use of renewable energy in its business. ADM Orient aims to help these industrial units achieve those goals.


Various government projects require a dedicated and compliance friendly, knowledgeable team to execute their solar projects. ADM Orient as a certified module manufacturer and expert in this field, we are able fulfill all of the requirements of government projects

Independent power projects (IPP’s)

  Solar energy supply as an independent power producer is a crucial and fast growing business today. These providers require cost efficient and highly qualified EPC providers. Understanding such a need ADM Orient is a key supplier for various IPP projects.

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