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Smart Solutions For Smart Cities

Vision & Foundation

Cities are changing rapidly, users are now more connected and smart, ADM Orient aims to help private individuals and city authorities to achieve their goal of a more sustainable society. As such, we innovate & provide smart solutions to achieve this goal. We are dedicated to touch every life and promote a more sustainable future for us all with our innovative products.

Our Inspiration

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln


ADM Orient Smart Bench

The ADM Orient smart bench provides and eco friendly solar energy generating infrastructure with the basic facility of being a bench. This can be used in parks, bus stands, malls and other public areas . The Smart Bench is a solar powered charging station, where citizens can rest and charge devices.

The Smart Bench has advertisement area, and so its ability to generate revenue make it more feasible for long term use. Smart Bench is intended to be installed in places with high footfall, It is equipped with charging cables, USB ports , wireless charger and power socket for flexibility. This solar powered energy generating bench has been a huge success in India and around the world. ADM Orient has supplied and completed several smart bench projects and we are proud to say that we count ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and providers of this product.

Features Smart Bench

Moble Charging

With growing technology gadgets become essentials. And so smart bench provide out of home charging facality as its equpied with USB ports & Wireless chargers.

Solar Powered

Smart Bench is eco friendly , as its powered with sun. It has 600-800W solar power and range of battery bank.

Resting Point

Smart Bench provide shaded resting area for 6 to 8 people simultaniously.

Securtiy & Automation

Smart bench is equipped with CCTV, it has light autodimming and auto ON-OFF feature.

Technical Specifications




Photometry & ad. area


Smart Bus Shelter

Real Time Bus Tracking

Enviormental Sensor

Cctv & WI-FI

Air Cooled

Device Charging

Solar Powered


Solar Street lights

Solar street lights are one type of an application of an off-grid solar system. Solar street lights are being used across metropolitan cities, industrial towns, and are extremely useful in remote areas where grid power in unreliable.

These have become increasingly important in our countries’ power infrastructure and are crucial not only for providing a more reliable street light infrastructure but also to reduce the carbon footprint that is currently produced in providing power to traditional street lights.

In essence, solar street lights, as you can see below take in power through solar panels during the day and store it in a battery which then uses the energy produced to provide power for the street light at night. This is a very simple application of solar energy systems and extremely reliable as well.


Solar Water Pump

Considering the sun as a superpower, new technologies were created to capture it. One of them is the solar-powered water pump, which helps in irrigation even in times of drought, which could compromise the food supply. They run on solar energy, being more economical, durable, and discreet than conventional pumps. This solar pump can be used in fountains, swimming pool pumps, mono-block home pumps, etc.

This is how a sustainable solar water pump functions

The solar panel receives energy from the sun in photovoltaic cells and transforms solar radiation directly into electrical energy by the "photovoltaic effect."

After converting the solar energy to electrical energy, the panel supplies the water pump with electrical energy directly.

The pump in operation can carry out the work of capturing water from the well, reservoir, and even aquifers and pumping it to the desired location.This type of system is widely used in difficult-to-access or remote places, where electricity is not conventional. Even in urban centers, solar pumps have been widely used to reuse rainwater, supply water tanks, and pump water in gardens and ponds in farms. Its installation is easy, being only necessary to choose a place with good solar incidence and close to a source of fresh and clean water.

Benefits of Urban Planning


Thriving cities have a vision  and folloe it with a frame work  to develop in an orderly manner


A planned city is well prepaired  city. Anticipating the future will  allow us to be better prepaired.


Sucessful cities build  momentum by undertaking  prarioty projects that are  allingned with their vision

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